About the Beautiful Balance Approach

The name ‘Beautiful Balance’ underscores the importance of supporting balance in the body, mind and soul to enable the individual to thrive from the inside out. My clientele is mainly women and my vision is to enhance their authentic beauty and to encourage personal excellence through coaching sessions (NLP and/or Wellness Coaching), tailored fitness programs, food-based health products and beauty products (organic where possible) to accomplish this.

I have seen too many women discontent with who they are, how they are and how they look. The world whispers to us that we are ‘not enough’, ‘too much’ or that we’re just ‘never going to make it’. These messages become embedded in the way we view ourselves and we become hamsters on a never-ending wheel of ‘striving for perfection’. Not only will we never be satisfied and content when our mission is ‘perfection’, but it is also extremely tiring.

Why don’t you step off the wheel, shake off the dust and choose to find your authentic self and authentic beauty – a journey that encourages you to grow, to thrive and to (finally) be free. I would love to journey with you as you allow yourself to come to rest in who you were created to be.