Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is a facilitator that aims to guide, inspire and motivate his/her clients to help them uncover their goals, aspirations and vision for their lives. The life coaching tools and techniques are then applied to enable the client to make the required shifts in their life, their behavior and their thinking to manifest their goals, aspirations and vision as reality.

A Life Coach is only the facilitator – you as an individual take all the responsibility, while the coach facilitates the process. Taking responsibility and ownership of your own life, your own decisions and the outcome thereof, is empowering more than you can imagine. No more blame shifting or co-dependency, you are in control of the way your life is steered and once you realize this and step up to the plate, the Magic begins!

Life coaching assists an individual in uncovering what their personal obstacles and challenges are, and then allowing the client to explore what the most suitable course of action may be to address and overcome these obstacles and challenges.

Life coaching is not generic – each individual client receives personalized service, based on their goals for the session and also for their future. The life coach’s entire focus is on the client, what the client wants to achieve and on helping the client uncover what is required to help them achieve it.

Each and every decision we make has a consequence – it will either contribute to a more balanced or more imbalanced life, greater health or a down-spiral in health, greater fulfilment or more discontent. The decision is totally up to the individual and that is why decisions, changes and transitions in life can be scary and confusing. A Life Coach is trained to ask the right questions and to apply specific tools and techniques that allow the individual to find the answers and guidance they need within themselves. The coach is simply there to coach this process, instead of advising the client in the best course of action.

A life coach believes that most individuals can lead far more productive, fulfilling and rewarding lives than they currently are – they just don’t have the tools to get ‘there’

A life coach’s roles include:

Helping the client to identify their vision and goals: By asking the right questions and applying tried-and-tested life coaching tools, a life coach facilitates processes where the client identifies their specific goals and the vision they have for their life / the next season in their life, based on their values, purpose and inherent resources (strengths, personality, talents, gifts, etc.)

Strategist: The life coach will ask specific questions and apply strategic tools and techniques to assist the client in deciding upon the best course of action to achieve their goals and managing shifts / transitions in their life. This includes: Planning, budgeting, setting deadlines and goalposts, execution strategies, etc. A life coach also helps to bring things into perspective, once again by asking the right questions and allowing the client to do the inner processing themselves.

Motivation: The coach encourages their clients towards their goals and to take action in the areas where they wish to see change. By helping the client uncover their inherent strengths, talents, gifts and purpose in life, the coach inspires the client to use these inherent resources to achieve their goals and manage change.

Accountability: The coach will check in on the client’s goals and support the client in moving forward and making necessary adjustments to the goals/plans, where needed. The life coach will fulfill this role from an objective perspective and may therefore be more useful than friends or family, who tend to be more involved and subjective in the way they keep us accountable.

Specific focus areas:

  • Personal development and growth
  • Transitions in life
  • Work-life balance
  • Setting goals and strategic planning on how to achieve them
  • Discovering and living your authentic purpose / calling in life
  • Moving towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle (dietary intake, fitness, sleep routine, rest, recreation, hobbies, etc.)
  • Career goals
  • Work performance (productivity, efficiency, prioritization, goals, etc.)
  • Educational / learning goals

Life coaching vs. psychology / therapy / counselling:

  • Therapy, psychology and counselling focuses primarily on past traumas, events and situations and supports the client in receiving the healing, wholeness and perspective they need in these specific areas.
  • Life coaching follows a future- and outcomes-based approach, to empower individuals to move towards their vision, purpose and goals. The problems and the past are rarely focused on; rather, the focus is on solutions and how to get the client from point A to point B. Should there be obstacles and limiting beliefs produced by the past, NLP techniques can be applied to support the client in dealing with these aspects, to prevent them from hindering the client’s journey forward.

Life coaching sessions:

  • Various tools, methods, techniques and methods are applied to facilitate the life coaching process. The approach will be unique for each client, based on what their goals are for the session and what seems most suitable for the coach.
  • Before the first session, a coaching questionnaire is emailed to the client, which they complete and return to the coach, who will then go through this questionnaire to have a broad understanding of who the client is and why they are coming to see the coach.
  • The first session is generally an ‘Exploration and Uncovering’ session, where the life coach gets to know the client, understand who they inherently are, helping the client to set goals and establish which direction they want to move towards and how to get there.
  • The subsequent sessions are supportive of the journey towards achieving the goals, aspirations and milestones the client has set for themselves. If adjustments need to be made, the coach facilitates these adjustments and provide practical guidelines.
  • The outcome of life coaching is to help the client to feel that they have direction in their life, to know which actions to take and what their primary purpose / vision is.


  • Session 1 (1h30min): R650
  • Session 2 (60min): R550
  • Follow-up sessions (60min): R550
  • Follow-up sessions (45min): R475

For all email queries that are therapy-based, a fee of R140 will be charged.