Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

‘Neuro’ refers to how our brain and nervous system regulate and influence each biological system in the body.

‘Linguistic’ refers to communication and language skills – with ourselves and with other people.

‘Programming’ refers to the way our brains are programmed to view the world, ourselves, other people and every experience we have (particularly the subconscious programs that we are not aware of). These programs are determined by our past experiences, our relationships, our attitudes, our thought patterns, etc.

In summary – NLP explores the underlying dynamics and connections between the brain (neuro) and language/communication (linguistic) and how their interaction influences our attitudes, emotions, behavior, experiences and relationships (programming). NLP seeks to explore what each individual’s underlying programs mean and what can be done about it (a pro-active approach towards transformation).

NLP is basically a wide range of effective tools, skills and techniques that have been used for many years to facilitate change in individuals across the globe.

NLP aims to understand the complex, multi-dimensional mental processes that underlie and influence human behavior and emotional experiences. By understanding these processes, NLP tools are applied to facilitate change in the client – according to their own pace, own goals and own boundaries.

Who could potentially benefit from NLP sessions?

  • If you exhibit unwanted behavior, self-limiting beliefs, challenges in your relationships (even the one with yourself), emotional triggers to specific situations, etc. – NLP can help to explore these aspects, their deeper roots and facilitate change.
  • If you realize that your past experiences are shaping your current attitude, emotional state, decisions and behavior – NLP can help to re-program the effect that past experiences have on your current life, through reprogramming of neural pathways and their response to external stimuli, to thereby manifest improved and healthier behaviors, attitudes and decisions.
  • If you seek personal growth in your own life, but you experience challenges and limitations that prevent you to move forward.

Some NLP presuppositions to demonstrate the foundation of NLP:

  • ‘The map is not the territory’ – It is not reality and experiences that shapes or influences us; rather, it’s our perspective (our ‘maps’) of reality and experiences that shape us. Through specific tools an NLP practitioner assists the individual to understand their maps and perhaps even challenge these maps, if they are preventing growth, freedom and flexibility.
  • ‘There is no failure, only feedback’ – All results and outcomes are useful and can result in growth, shifts in perspectives and to support future successes.
  • ‘Life and mind are systemic processes’ – the body and mind share the same cybernetic system. Therefore, anything that is being processed in the mind, is having an influence on the body in one way or another. That is why we so often see a physiological manifestation of emotional disturbances / upsets.

My own understanding and experience of NLP (personal perspective):

I have been exposed to NLP for the past 7 years and since then my inner life has been challenged, shifted and enhanced to dimensions beyond expectation. NLP has revealed to me how powerful the subconscious mind is in its influence over our thought patterns, emotional state and external behavior. I have discovered that the extent to which we embrace our pain, is the extent to which healing, liberty and growth will manifest. In fact, the more we suppress our garbage, the more it soils our deep inner life.

On the other hand, if we courageously face what is going on deep inside, healing comes quickly and we are allowed to breathe, live and laugh again from deep inside. NLP has allowed my subconscious to merge with my conscious, thereby allowing me to live from a place of mindfulness, self-awareness and to grow in emotional intelligence.

I have learned that none of us are broken, we just don’t know how loved we are and that we have already been set free. Join me on this journey as we uncover who we are, how we are wired and what will set us free to live and love as authentic beings.

Cost of NLP sessions:

  • Session 1 (1h30min): R650
  • Session 2 (60min): R550
  • Follow-up sessions (60min): R550
  • Follow-up sessions (45min): R475

For all email queries that are therapy-based, a fee of R140 will be charged.