Wellness Coaching

As a Wellness Coach I combine my training, knowledge and experience in the fields of nutrition, life coaching, psycho-neuro-immunology and neuro-linguistic programming to journey with my clients towards overall balance in their lives, their bodies, their minds and their lifestyle. I don’t have a cookie-cutter way of going about the sessions, as each client is different in their needs, their current lifestyle and their goals. Based on what the client presents with and the goals they have for themselves I tailor the sessions and the approach, aiming to support the client in reaching their goals and developing action plans accordingly.

The basic structure of the Wellness Coaching sessions:

  • Before the client comes to see me, I send them a questionnaire to complete and return to me, so that I can have an indication of who they are, where they are and what their goals/concerns are.
  • First session: During the first session (1h30min), discussions will be based on this questionnaire and the client’s goals. I aim to understand the client’s current lifestyle, well-being (physical and emotional) and who she is as a person. Together we create action plans that are aligned with the client’s goals, targets and aspirations. Guidelines are provided based on the action plans and tools, recipes and/or reading material are given to the client accordingly. Cost: R650 per session.
  • Follow-up sessions: The follow-up sessions (60min) are to review the goals, assess progress, make changes and establish new goals and guidelines. Cost: R475 per session. If the client wishes to see me for 1h30 min follow-up sessions, the cost is R550 per session.

Food-based health products and certified organic beauty products are available for purchase at the Beautiful Balance practice.

For all email queries that are therapy-based, a fee of R140 will be charged.