As women we inevitably have a deep emotional relationship with our bodies, whether we are aware of it or not. Our dietary intake is generally an indication of this relationship: Are you eating to punish or pacify yourself? Or are you eating to nourish yourself? Are you obsessed about every bite you eat to the degree that it consumes your mind and even your life? Or are you in a down-spiral where you have ‘let go’ and actually neglecting your body and overall well-being?

These are tough questions, but questions that every woman needs to be confronted with nonetheless, if she desires to be in a healthy, balanced and respectful relationship with her body and to lead a balanced life from the inside out.

Beautiful Balance aims to inspire women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to embark on a journey of balance in their lives, their lifestyle, their wellness and their inner well-being. Jeanne, the founder and passionate heart behind Beautiful Balance, has studied in the fields of Nutritional Therapy, Personalised Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (cPNI), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching for the past 11 years. She has an undeniable passion to uncover, explore and understand a woman’s heart, mind and body from a holistic point of view.

This journey is personal, this journey is exciting and this journey is according to your pace, your goals and your requirements.

Have a look under ‘Services’ for further details about the various Beautiful Balance services. Jeanne is also available for workshops, seminars and presentations on women’s wellness.

Let’s grow, play, learn and venture together!